Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Three reasons why you should not dry your hair with fan


IllustrationIllustration -  Some people often use electric fan to dry their hair, mostly because there is no hairdryer around or to avoid using hairdryer to often due to hair being too dry and broken. 


However, do you know the danger of using electric fan to dry your hair instead of using hairdryer or letting it dry slowly?

1.       Causing of headache
Drying your hair with electric fan can cause you a headache and make you feel lightheaded. This is because, our head’s skin pores are all open after being wet, and is met with strong monotone wind from the fan.


2.       Causing hair to become too dry and tangled
Using electric fan to dry your hair too many times can cause your hair to become too dry and tangled. This is because the strong wind from the fan can make your hair dry instantly and it becomes flimsy and fragile.

3.       Causing hair fall
Using electric fan can also make your hair prone to falling away. This is especially unpleasant for those with thin hair.

The use of electric fan instead of hairdryer itself is uncommon and not recommended. It can affect your hair and your health in a bad way.




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