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Five recommended tourist destination in Riau Province


Bandar Khayangan LakeBandar Khayangan Lake - As the capital of Riau Province, Pekanbaru has its own attractive qualities. This city also has some great tourist attractions. 

For those of you who happen to visit Pekanbaru, there are 4 tourist destinations that you may want to visit.


1.       Riau Fantasy

Riau Fantasy, or also known as Labersa, is the largest water park in Riau Province. This park is located in Siak District, Kampar Regency. The park is built on top of 6,5 hectares land. 

The organizers of Riau Fantasy also build a theme park that has many fun attractions. You can also find many luxurious facilities like hotels and golf courts nearby. To go to this water park, it only takes 20 minutes from the downtown of Pekanbaru.


2.       Bandar Khayangan Lake

Bandar Khayangan Lake is located in Rumbai District, Pekanbaru, Riau. The beauty of this lake makes it nice to take pictures here. This lake is actually an artificial lake which is made into a tourist destination.

The lake is also complemented with children playing area. The cost to enter is quite cheap, which is IDR 15.000. If you want to visit this lake, it is only 10 km from downtown, which takes less than an hour.


3.       Alam Mayang Recreational Park

Alam Mayang Recreational Park is a popular tourist destination in Pekanbaru. The cost to enter the area is also quite cheap. For adults, it only costs IDR 18.000, while for children it only costs IDR 13.000.

 It is usually added with parking ticket, which is IDR 2000 for motorcycles and IDR 5000 for cars. It offers an open forest area that is perfect for having a picnic. There are also live music and clown attractions to make it more fun.


4.       Putri Kaca Mayang Park

Putri Kaca Mayang Park is located across the mayor’s office, in Jendral Sudirman Street to be precise. This park is a good place to visit with your family.

The government gives the park a free Wi-fi, which makes visitors like to stay there for a long time. There is also a sand park where parents can play with their children.




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