Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Unique and odd, jeans which showed too much skin released by Fashion Nova


Jeans made by Fashion NovaJeans made by Fashion Nova - Lately, more and more jeans made away from its function. If previously there was a torn jeans that only left stitches worth IDR 2.3 million, now there are pants that are only made from the coil rope.

Fashion Nova, a retailer from California has just released jeans that the front is only closed rope. The trousers named Wild Thang lace-up jeans were sold for USD 49.99 or IDR 700 thousand.

Looking at the design, obviously this is not a pair of jeans that can be directly used when in a hurry. These jeans are also not an option for everyday outfit, unless you want to be the center of attention.

Netizens were confused to see the design of jeans from Fashion Nova which is now viral. Criticisms started to arrive via Twitter.

"Now the feet of the women will be seen ham-wrapped meat ropes," wrote a netizen. The others do not understand where and who is willing to buy the unique pants. "There's something wrong with the current generation. No one wants to use such garbage!"

Although it is strange, not necessarily jeans like this will not sell in the market. Previously, torn jeans from Carmar also viral because only the remaining stitches only. The trousers were even sold for IDR 2.3 million. Although many criticizms, but in fact the jeans were already sold out even people willing to enter the waiting list to get it.


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