Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

The story of a beautiful model that bitten by a dog, leaving her with a ugly face


 Suzel Mackintosh Suzel Mackintosh  -  The case of a pitbull dog that bites a human until death was surprising. Because dog have strong bodies and clutches. Not just pitbull dogs, even, a small dog can to bit a human.

But that must be understood, a dog have many reason why they will bite a human.


As quoted from various sources, there are several reasons why a dog behave aggressively and will bite people.

One of them is if a dog that are too happy to played with a human, it can also make them finally bite the people. So, you must avoid to wrestling with dogs, and you advised not to scream excessively or play rough with your dog. 

This is done so the dog are not surprised and bite.


Like the story of Suzel Mackintosh, the 23-year-old model. She suffered serious injuries when she was attacked by a Staffordshire-pit bull terrier on New Year’s Eve.

At that time, the dog attacked Suzel when she tried to pat her dog. After the dog bit her, she could feel that her nose hanging off from her face.

The attack has left the model with horrific facial scarring for which she had to undergo plastic surgery.

And, the model took her story to social media. And she got support from her fans, so she can got the treatment is going.

“Thank you for all the love and support I have received along the way of this tragic event. I could not have done it without you. Every single comment and message of love has meant so much.” said Suzel.


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