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The story of the most younger killer in the world, killed three babies with tragic ways


Amarjeet SadaAmarjeet Sada -  What is a Serial Killers?

Maybe we will feel frightened when meet with a person who have a sign as serial killers. Because usually, a serial killer will killed their victims in silence.

We often seen, all of a serial killers is an adult. Because, it is very impossible for a child to be a serial killers.

But as reported from Elite Readers, Amarjeet Sada was a youngest serial killer in the world. Amarjeet's face looked like a little boy.

He was only 8 years old when he first committed his murder of an eight-month-old baby.

At that time, he killed a baby named Kushboo aged six months, who is his neighbor in Musahari Village, Bhagwanpur in Begusarai, Nepal. At that time, Kushboo was entrusted by his mother who had to work,  in a daycare in their village.

Unfortunately, Amarjeet also a student at same elementary school. At that moment, he saw Kushboo was sleeping soundly. 

His killer instinct was arises. He also decided to take the baby to a field, near his school, when all the people in his school were busy to taking care of other children.

For no apparent reason, the boy beat the baby to death cruelly. To hide his deed, Amarjeet covered the bodies of Kushboo using the leaves.

Kushboo's mother was hysterical and panicked when she knew that his son was missing. At that moment she has seen Amarjeet at the school, and she accused him of being a suspect. The police were summoned.

When the police arrived at the scene, Amarjeet confessed to the police to committed the crime. He confessed, took the baby to the field to be killed.

The police eventually jailed Amarjee. Even, the police were more surprised to know that Kushboo was Amarjeet's third victim.

From the investigation, the killer instinct of Amarjeet has been arise one year before.

His first victim was her six-month-old cousin. The family did not report it to the police because they wanted to protect Amarjeet.

Then, Amarjeet again committed a sadistic murder. And the victim is his own younger brother who is only eight months old.

And the third is Kushboo.

After the examination, the authorities found that Amarjeet suffered a psychiatric disorder. And this was reinforced by the statement of a Psychological Analysis, Shamshad Hussain.

Now, Amarjeet is placed in a special institution for children bellow to 18 years old. Amarjeet was changed his name being Samarjit. He also received treatment for his psychological condition.

Until now, the recent news from Amarjeet is still unknown.




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