Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Infinity Wars earns the title with the highest earning movie of all time


Avengers : Infinity WarsAvengers : Infinity Wars - Revenue earned 'Avengers: Infinity War' makes this film earned the title of the largest superhero movie. Income earned by 'Infinity War' is increasing from week to week.

Holding in the first rank of box office, the film successfully dominated the market with revenue gained to date reached USD 547.8 million or IDR 7.6 trillion. That number made the 'Infinity War' surpass the great achievement earned by 'The Dark Knight' which earned USD 534.8 million and was ranked 8th on the list of all-time high-earning films.

'Infinity War' also managed to surpass 'Black Panther' which earned USD 501.7 million in Marvel Studios. While passing through the global view, the third part of Avengers has earned USD 1.6 billion as compiled box office.

The achievement made 'Infinity War' succeeded in becoming the biggest superhero movie in the world. For Marvel itself, the studio now has three out of ten films that are in demand domestically. Among them are 'Black Panther', 'The Avengers', also 'Infinity War'.

Leading the box office list, under 'Infinity War' there is a Melissa McCarthy comedy titled 'Life of the Party' which is in second place. Thriller 'Breaking In' occupies the third rank and romantic drama 'Overboard' in fourth position. The top five box office this week was closed by 'A Quiet Place' in fifth.


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