Friday, 22 Feb 2019

You can use of retreading tires as long as it conforms to international standards


IllustrationIllustration - On public and private vehicles are widely used the use of scrap tires that have been bald carved back to resemble a new tire. This is done because of the expensive purchase of new tires, then retreading tire become an alternative.

Usually such techniques are carried out by convention al treadmillers on the sidewalks for vehicles such as those mostly used by trucks and buses. However, not a few private vehicles also use these retread tires, either cars or motorcycles.

Then, what effect is obtained from the use of bald tires that are carved back this screw. Department Manager Training and Product Evaluation of PT Bridgestone Tire Indonesia, Deni Arief Pribadi, said, "If carved it is regrooving its name, if for example in the tire there is new regrooving writing may be carved, but if there is no yes it should not be."

"Regrooving typically still leaves rubber residue thicker than regular tires, for example, Bridgestone also manufactures regrooving tires, but only for large trucks with radial construction" he said.

"So when he is in-regrooving there is still some rubber that can be used to mencover the casing in it, but if the normal in-regrooving directly met the thread, so baseball safety" he explained.

He mentioned, that the international regulation, retreading is recognized as a safety tire. "It is processed by process that is in accordance with international standards, it depends on the strength of the casing, if the casing is still good, still strong to wear, no problem with damage or defect is still okay" he concluded.


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