Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

These disgusting habits which actually good for your body


IllustrationIllustration - Everyone has a habit that people dislike because they think it is dirty or impolite, such as farting, picking one’s nose, spitting out saliva and many others. However, not all of them are that bad. In fact, some of these “disgusting” habits are actually good for your health according to scientists.

1.       Not taking a bath

Some people are too lazy to go to the bathroom to take a bath. For others, not taking a bath seems to be disgusting. However, researchers said that it was good not to take a bath once in a while as long as you did not do it often. For example, taking a bath once in a day instead of twice. If you only take a bath once in a day, the oil that is needed for your skin will stay and keep your skin from drying. It can also make your skin more elastic and the beneficial bacteria for your skin will not be killed or washed away by the soap when you take a shower.

2.       Biting nail

When you bite your nails, you will consume the bacteria under your nails. But don’t panic. Researcher said it can raise your immune system because your body will produce white blood cells to fight off those bacteria. The next time the bacteria enter your body again, your body already has lymphocytes that can fight them. There is also a study that says people who bite their nails rarely get any allergy.

3.       Burping

Burping after eating is considered impolite for some people but actually, this is good for your health. It helps the stomach in releasing the air. If the air inside the stomach is not released, it can cause gastric acid to rise to your throat and cause your chest to ache.

4.       Farting

Other than burping, farting is also one thing that is considered impolite. However, this one is also very healthy. Whether you realize it or not, your body release air around 14 times every day, 3 to 5 of them happening when you sleep. If you are holding your fart, it can make your stomach filled with too much air which can cause health problems.

5.       Spitting out the saliva

Spitting out saliva in public places is disgusting. However, that does not mean we should never spit. In fact, researchers recommend for us to spit during exercise to help you breathing better. Your body can get more oxygen intake if you spit during exercise.


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