Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Terrorism contents increased 73% on Facebook throughout 2018


IllustrationIllustration - Facebook throughout the first quarter of 2018 has banned 1.9 million contents related to Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The number increased 73% from the previous year which is 1.1 million contents.

These findings are a result of the increased ability of machine learning that allows Facebook to find terrorism contents on its social network.

Facebook is even able to find 99.5% of the content related to terrorism before the content is reported by the user, as quoted from The Verge, Thursday, May 17th 2018.

In addition to terrorism-related content, Facebook also reports other problematic contents, such as graphic violence content, where Facebook banned on the 3.4 million contents that emerged as the situation grew worse in Syria.

This Facebook report is part of the Community Standards Enforcement Report that records Faceboook's efforts to moderate content between October 2017 and March 2018.

Facebook also plans to release this report twice a year. The purpose of the release of this report itself, so that users can understand the efforts and challenges faced by Facebook in dealing with the problematic contents.


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