Thursday, 23 May 2019

An astronaut of NASA tells how horrible the toilet in space


Toilet in spaceToilet in space -  Space can become a fun and exciting journey for astronauts. However, there are also some horrors behind it. 

This was explained by Peggy Whitson, a female astronaut from NASA who had lived in space for 665 days.

Peggy loves her job in International Space Station (ISS), from installing component in solar panel station to taking mysterious microbe samples. 

However, what makes her reluctant to continue her life in space is the toilet condition.

“International Space Station is not like a hotel. May be it is more accurate to be called a camping trip,” she had said.

According to Peggy, the toilet in ISS is not as horrible as Maximum Absorbency Garment that was worn by astronauts in the mission to the moon. 

However, the toilet is still a horror.

“It is easy to urinate. There is a shaft with a fan that will suck the urine so it will not float around,” she explained. However, anything but urination can be quite challenging and terrible.

Every astronaut in ISS uses the toilet with the small shaft that has fan to suck up the feces. The feces then will be sealed inside a plastic bag and will be thrown away during space garbage day.

“When the feces have piled up, you have to use gloves and sealed it inside a plastic bag,” she said. 

“Sometimes, there is a problem with the toilet that astronauts have to catch the floating feces.” she added.

In the end, all the feces and urine will be dumped into a ISS garbage cargo ship to be burnt in earth’s atmosphere. Around 80 to 85 percent urine has been recycled into drinking water and the rest becomes garbage with salty smell.




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