Thursday, 23 May 2019

Tragic, after covered in nail polish by an animal abusers, a kitten was left to die


Vimto Vimto -  Tragic, a newborn kitten was covered a in nail polish by a sick abusers, before leaving the kitten to dead. 

The kitten who is thought to be just two or three weeks old, was found by officers from West Yorkshire Police on May 28 2018.

Known, the sick abuser used the kitten named Vimto as intended as dog fighting bait.

The officers, Katie Lloyd, of Bradford Cat Watch Rescue said, although Vimto survived the night, but she is still fighting for her life following the cruel abuse that she got.

"Vimto’s survived the night and we’ve got all the nail polish off. It’s absolutely awful," she said.

Katie and her fellow volunteers cared for the critically ill kitten all night. They were  tried to saving her life, and keeping her warm, fed, ventilated and attempting to remove the nail polish from her body.

But, Vimto can not to survived and died after struggling for many hours. 





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