Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

Tragic, three people died after asphyxiation when were cleaning the manhole sewage in Punjab


IllustrationIllustration -  Two sanitation workers died due asphyxiation while they were cleaning the sewage on the premises of police lines.

And a policeman who went inside a manhole to rescue them also died.

A police official said one sanitation worker was critically injured in the incident.

At that time, the incident occurred on June 3 2018 evening when two workers Ravi Kumar and Krishan Kumar, who were cleaning the manhole, fell unconscious. Seeing his friends was unconscious, the third worker named Balvir, went inside the manhole to save them but he too did not come out.

One police named Lachhman  when noticed that the three sanitation workers had failed to come out, he also jumped inside the manhole to rescue them but  he's also lost his life.

Later, the incident was reported to senior officials and all the four people were rescued with help of fire brigade staff.

They were rushed to the civil hospital, but three of them were declared brought dead by doctors,  and one was  critically injured in the incident.



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