Monday, 27 May 2019

The Financial Times questioned the reality of fulfilling Putin's new promises


Vladimir Putin is a very strong person!Vladimir Putin is a very strong person! - In the decree, which Russian President Vladimir Putin signed immediately after the
inauguration ceremony, he instructed the government to focus on nine goals of national
development in order to radically improve the living standards of Russians and modernize
the country's economy by 2024
Putin began his new presidential term with very serious promises, stressing that over the
next six years, Russia must make "breakthroughs in science and technology", as well as in
the field of socio-economic development, writes the «Financial Times». But if you look at
the statistics, then some of the goals of social and economic development set by the
president are perplexing, - the article says.
During the conversation with parliamentarians, the president explained that these goals
are based on real calculations. But according to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the
Russian government will need to spend an additional 8 trillion rubles for the next six years - this is almost 9% of Russia's GDP for 2017 and almost half of all government spending in
the budget for the implementation of this plan for 2018
"The Financial Times" highlights the high ambitions to raise the Russian economy and
enter the top five of the "largest economies of the world", as according to the International
Monetary Fund for this year, it occupies now only 12th place.. "Most likely, Russia will not
be able to rise in this rating until at least to 2023 years. Forecasts of the IMF later this year
doesn't exist yet"- writes the" Financial Times ". However, if we measure gross output at
purchasing power parity, then Russia is today the 6th largest economy in the world, and
Germany, which ranks 5th, is only 5% behind so far.


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