Thursday, 23 May 2019

Apple officially changed the name of iTunes Connect to App Store Connect


IllustrationIllustration - Apple officially announced the name change of iTunes Connect. The iPhone developer confirmed on their developer blog that they changed the name to App Store Connect.

Quoted from 9To5Mac, on June 8th 2018, App Store Connect offers the same functionality as iTunes Connect. In it, App Store Connect still includes a new iOS app that makes the entire process of uploading, submitting and managing apps easier.

In addition, the app also allows developers to view sales reports, access app analytics, invite users to test applications with TestFlight, and more.

"For app developers and their teams, iTunes Connect now has change its name to App Store Connect, and using the App Store app, it's much easier to manage apps, view trends, respond to reviews, and reply to an active Resolution Center issue, all of which can be done on iOS devices" Apple said.

They also let you know that, you can also receive immediate notifications for changes in the status of the app and the latest customer reviews.

After the user completes the registration in the iOS Developer Program or Mac Developer Program, they can then sign into App Store Connect using their Apple ID.


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