Thursday, 24 Jan 2019

New mobile solutions that will help you to learn a foreign language


With this you will soon be able to speak a foreign language!With this you will soon be able to speak a foreign language! -With the development of today's world, for a successful life an increasing number of people want to learn as many different languages as possible. Communication with its carriers can speed up the learning process. For this, convenient programs have appeared that will make it possible to improve not only the oral speech, but also help in the development of writing.
Hello pal
A popular chat, in which you can use a special filter to find the interlocutor. There is a
function of sending voice messages, as well as the ability to make calls in real time.
If necessary, you can use an automatic translator, as well as a set of prepared phrases
placed in the phrase book. The standard workpieces will support the conversation, if a
pause occurs, they can also be used to start a conversation.
Service is one of the most popular and requested among similar. The system of searching
for interlocutors is well thought out. Here you will not only learn, but also teach others.
Conversations can be built in different ways:
in the format of correspondence in the chat, through audio communication, through video
And automatic correction of incoming messages will facilitate the interaction process
during training.
The standard set of tools is complemented by a mode that allows to transfer voice records
to each other. Due to this, it will be possible to facilitate the process of setting the correct
pronunciation. The application has in its arsenal a set of filters that allow the most accurate
selection of candidates for communication.
Less well-known program, which has its own peculiarities. For example, here you can
conduct a dialogue with people united with you by common interests, for example
cinematography, music preferences or video games. There is also a function of ignoring
people with bad manners and a rude style of communication.
Ideal for those who are not ready for real-time communication. Interaction between users
here is carried out according to the "question-answer" scheme. At the same time, you can
create multiple requests to different people who know the language you are interested in.
You can create questions yourself or with the help of basic templates.


Can be read in English and 100 other International languages

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