Thursday, 23 May 2019

Black dolphin swallowed packets and died


Black dolphin swallowed packets and died in ThailandBlack dolphin swallowed packets and died in Thailand - In the south of Thailand, a black dolphin died, swallowing 80 plastic bags. About that writes «BBC News» with reference to local authorities.

The animal was found in a water canal on 28 May. Experts who tried to save the dolphin were summoned to the place, but on June 1 it died. Before his death it vomited five packets.

A Thai biologist explained to reporters that the dolphin could not survive, because of the swallowed bags it lost its ability to eat. It turned out that in its stomach and throat accumulated about eight kilograms of bags that did not allow the animal to swallow and digest food.

The Thai authorities announced in May that they would introduce an additional tax on plastic bags. This country is a major consumer of such products, and it is estimated that it annually kills hundreds of marine animals.

Grinds (black dolphins) reach almost nine meters in length, their weight on average is 800 kilograms. Different species of this genus live in tropical seas and in cool latitudes.


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