Thursday, 23 May 2019

The reason why Kim Jong Un bring his private toilet to Singapore


Kim Jong UnKim Jong Un -  When the North Korean leader have a trip to Singapore,  on a trip to have a peaceful discussion with the president of US, Kim Jong Un never forget to bring one thing ie his private toilet.

Of course, it made some of us felt curious, why he should bring it ?

According to South Korean media, Daily NK on Wednesday, June 13 2018, it's known that Kim always used several toilets. 

When he have a trip used his vehicles, he also have a car that works only for toilet. 

According to an undisclosed source, Kim also has a toilet room in his Mercedes car.

So, what's the secret behind Kim's private toilet ?

According to a gastroenterologist in France, Dr. Jean-Pierre Raufman told that the faeces can tell a lot of information about health of a person, so maybe that thing that want to protected by Kim.

"There's more bacterial cells in the gastrointestinal tract than our body cells," Dr. Jean-Pierre said as quoted by Live Science on Thursday, June 14 2018.

As an example, faeces can to predict about Kim's health status, may he had internal bleeding, taking some medication, or lack of certain nutrients. 

So, it's reason why Kim is always try to keep about his secret from public.





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