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Five rudest cities in the world, unfriendly and have high level of crime


LondonLondon -  What if you land up in one of these rudest countries in the world after you make a plan for a world tour either for the pleasure or to gain newer life experiences ? 

And please do not be surprised to find unfriendly people in seemingly posh cities. 

As you know, some parts of the world although it seemingly posh, sometimes it don't have  unfriendly people.

This is  the most unfriendly countries in the world that you must know.

1. Miami
City like Miami may have dominated Instagram for long time for it's beauty natural, but it seems the beauty of some cities was not enough to keep its citizens courteous and tourist-friendly. 

Miami as One of the poshest beach destinations in the world is not so all-embracing all people who come there. 

Although the people are good-looking, wealthy, and multilingual, but they often look down upon their lesser counterparts from their appearances.

2. Paris
Similiar like Milan, there are a few factors that make Paris just good for one-time visit. Because it city could be scary and unwelcoming because the city has had too many tourists already. 

So, people may seem cold and least willing to help. 

In addition, Paris does get unsafe at night in some areas. And, the French not like people who communicating in English with them. 

3. London
The British capital is cold not only weather-wise but also in terms of sentiments. Tourists from other countries may find it hard to find acceptance in London.


4. Mumbai
According to a survey by a magazine, Mumbai as maximum city in India has the least number of well-mannered people. 

Mumbai’s lack of courtesy can also be attributed to its fast-paced life which perhaps leaves little time for people to behave patiently and be more helpful to others. 

5. Cincinnati, Ohio
Not only Cincinnati is considered as unfriendly, but some tourists find it unworthy of weekend trips owing to the bad atmosphere during the weekends. 



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