Friday, 22 Feb 2019

China breaks trade agreements with the US


China breaks trade agreements with the USChina breaks trade agreements with the US -The Ministry of Commerce of China stated that all previously reached agreements with the United States on trade issues are canceled in connection with the introduction of the US import duties on Chinese goods, - according to the website of the department.

The ministry noted that China will respond with mirror measures to introduce American duties.

The Chinese department stressed, that China has no desire to participate in the trade war, nevertheless, "due to the small-minded behavior of the US, China will have to respond toughly and strongly to protect the interests of the country and its people."

Previously, Donald Trump said that the United States introduces an import duty of 25% on imports from China with a volume of 50 billion dollars a year. Accordingly, the duty will affect about a tenth of Chinese exports to the US.

The US president explained the introduction of duty by unfair trade on the part of China.

A few days before, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi had urged the US to make a "wise choice" in trade and threatened to retaliate if Washington decided to introduce duties.


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