Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

KGB48, the idol group which consists of the elderly over 80 years as its member


KGB48KGB48 - Idol groups usually consist of young artists who are beautiful or handsome. But not for KBG48, the idol group from Okinawa, Japan, this group consisted of the elderly over 80 years who are still super fit.

Using the 'ikigai' principle or passion for life, KBG48 members dance and sing like an idol group in general. KBG48 even made several concert tours from Tokyo to Singapore.

What is KBG48 secret, so that they can live actively in old age? According to experts, nothing specific could be a combination of a healthy lifestyle and a good genetic. Okinawa does have a high elderly population even for Japanese standards with the ratio of 50 per 100 thousand population.

"Many people want to know what makes them like the people of Okinawa, but there is no secret for that" said John Roland Beard of the World Health Organization (WHO) as quoted from CNN on Monday, June 11th 2018.

In everyday life the elderly of KBG48 are still active in their home by working in sugar cane fields. Natsuko Maenaka, 84 years old for example, she used to weave and always try to learn new things to avoid the risk of dementia.


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