Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Eight diet changes that will help you to lose 5 kgs in a month


Image for representationImage for representation - According to a research, what you eat reflects on your body, so the best way to change your shape is to watch what you eat if you want to look more slim and healthy. 

And here eight small changes that you can do in your daily diet to lose 5 kilograms in a month, have a look.

1. Eating a small portion of almonds
According to health experts, the healthiest snack that you can have on-the-go is almonds. A small portion of almonds or any other raw nut can help stabilize your blood sugar and control weight too.

2. Consuming 3 litres water with lemon
According to a study, consuming 3 litres water with lemon every day can help burn about 100 extra calories per day. And with adding lemon juice to warm water helps to detoxify the liver and metabolize fat content.

3. Snack on fruits
When you are hungry, snack on fruits. Because they are satiating and are full of nutrition.

4. Eating beans and tofu
Two items food like beans and tofu are rich in protein content. According to nutritionists, consuming protein in every meal is a must for keeping away those hunger pangs. Protein also helps to stave off cravings.


5. Eat healthy and light after every 2-3 hours
According to weight loss experts, in order to lose weight; one should never be hungry for a long duration. The ideal way is to eat healthy and light after every 2-3 hours to keep the metabolism smooth and active.

6. Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt is high in protein content and less in sugar. There are many brands serving Greek yogurt along with nuts and dry fruits. The combination can keep you full for a longer duration.

7. Eating food that rich in fiber
Food are rich in fiber and a nutrient will keeps you full for a long time and makes your bowel movement regular. It is recommended to consume them in powdered form, as the whole seeds are harder to digest.


8. A bowl of salads
Replace one meal of a day with a bowl of salads. Salads are loaded with minerals, protein, and fibre that can further help curb the weight. If you are a meat lover, add some lean protein.



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