Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

5 unexpected reasons to wait for old age


In fact, old age is not bad at all!In fact, old age is not bad at all! - It's a fact that we all get old every year. This situation may not like, because in old age, at first glance, there are absolutely no pluses. However, it is not.

After receiving a pension, every person has a lot of free time, which can be spent on anything. You can do some kind of your hobby, for which before didn’t have enough free time. There are lots of options!

If believe the research of scientists, older people worry much less than the younger ones. The level of anxiety is inexorably growing from 18 to 50 years. Many factors influence this. First of all, it is work. But after 50 the psychological state stabilizes. In addition, among the elderly there are very few people who are sad for no reason.

The stereotype makes us think that all old people are seriously ill people. Remember how often you are ill with a cold. Three times a year? But those who are already over 50 suffer from runny nose only. Absolutely happy feel only young people aged 18-20 years. Then the percentage of satisfaction with life begins to fall and reaches its absolute minimum by the age of 40. But then it goes up again and by the age of 60 the number of people, who are happy with life is about the same as the figure of 18-20 year olds.

Thanks to the latest research, you can safely compare sex with wine, which, as you know, with time, only get better. Almost 70% of men and about 75% of women who participated in the research, believe that at 60 their sexual life became much more intense than it was before. Sounds unconvincing? - When you get old, you will see for yourself!


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