Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Upside down jeans, the latest trend of jeans with the weird style


Upside Down Jeans from CIE DenimUpside Down Jeans from CIE Denim - Manufacturers become more creative in creating their products, recently release jeans that appearances deliberately made different and steal attention. Starting from the jeans with holes in its buttocks to the holes in all of the part of the jeans. Now add another weird jeans design, the reverse jeans.

This jeans is made upside down because the waist of jeans that usually comes with zippers, pockets and straps to put the belt even under the pants. The top is made plain.

The brand name that released it was CIE Denim, which is based in New York. Even the back pockets are also made upside down.

Glanced from the site, CIE Denim only makes their jeans one. Therefore, the jeans were made by hand from old jeans. The collection also comes with different shapes and colors.

Although made from old jeans, but it turns out the price is not cheap at all. A short jeans sells at the price of USD 385 or IDR 5.5 million, while long jeans USD 500 or IDR 7 million.


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