Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

Skins of the critically endangered Malayan tiger, have been seized in Malaysia


Skins of the critically endangered Malayan tigerSkins of the critically endangered Malayan tiger -  Malayan tiger is an animal that the critically endangered. The animal parts of that animal, including the skins of the tiger have been seized in raids this week. The species once roamed the jungles of Malaysia, but is now critically endangered, with fewer than 340 believed left in the wild. 

Six Vietnamese nationals, including two women, believed to be poachers targeting the Malayan tiger were arrested. Pieces of tiger skins, along with skins, claws, meat and other parts from protected bears, a leopard, serow goats and a python were recovered during the raid in Malaysia. Tiger skins, prized as upscale home decorations, can be sold on the black market outside Malaysia for thousands of dollars. 

The wildlife department chief Abdul Kadir Abu Hashim of Malaysia told as quoted from on Saturday, July 7 2018 told that six Vietnamese was remanded for further investigation.

‘This is the biggest raid involving tigers in Malaysia this year, worth half a million ringgit (£93,000),’ said . The poachers had killed three tigers, including one cub.

As we know Malayan tiger is depicted often on national emblems of Malaysia.

Malayan tiger is a protected wildlife in Malaysia, and the hunter can face jail time of up to five years as well as a fine of up to 500,000 ringgit.


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