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Having small lump in his chest, this man is diagnosed with the breast cancer


Khevin BarnesKhevin Barnes - A surprising thing if a man is affected by breast cancer. But that is what happened to Khevin Barnes, a magician from Hawaii. Breast cancer in men can occur in one in 1,000 cases. More than 99 percent of breast cancer cases are suffered by women.

Quoted from DailyMail, in 2014 Khevin felt there was a small bump in his left chest. But he was not too worried about it because he and his wife applied a healthy lifestyle every day. "Everything look fine, and I think I'll be fine" he said. Fortunately, the wife asked Khevin to check the lump to the doctor.

After did a series of tests. Doctor diagnosed him with breast cancer stage one but level three, which means the cancer is aggressive."Usually most men are diagnosed at a later stage, stage three or four because they do not think the lump is dangerous, so it's important to check it out" said the 68-year-old doctor.

It never occurred to him that he would fight against this disease. Khevin never knew that breast cancer could attack men as well. He had felt down with a doctor's diagnosis. But the doctors did not wait long, they immediately did a mastectomy or removal of breasts and tissues to Khevin. So Khevin has no nipple oh his left chest.

Seven years ago, Khevin's first wife also suffered with cervical cancer. It has been through several treatments including chemotherapy but cannot save her life. "I watched the whole process and she often said she hoped not to do it (chemotherapy)" Khevin said.


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