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This is the news and the activity of the maestro from Brazil, Ronaldo


Ronaldo de LimaRonaldo de Lima - His name is may similiar to famous footballers from Portugal, but this one is better known as Ronaldo de Lima, a Brazilian footballer. In his prime time, Ronaldo was a star, he had played in many big clubs in Europe.

In the past, he started his career in 1993, when he was 16 years old. Ronaldo joined the FC Barcelona team. The club spent USD 19.5 million to get him. And Ronaldo managed to bring FC Barcelona the trophy of the Cup Winners (1997), Copa del Rey (1997). And besides that he also managed to become FIFA's best player in 1996.

Just one season only, then Ronaldo cut his contract and join Inter Milan. He quickly adapted and reached the top two in the list of goalscorers in Serie A by collecting 25 goals.

Ronaldo in 1998 became the runner-up of the best player of the FIFA version due losing to Zinedine Zidane who succeeded in bringing the French World Cup champion.

And in November 1999, Ronaldo suffered an injury when faced with Lecce. He had a ruptured tendon at the knees that forced him to undergo a surgery.

In April 2000 was his initial debut after a knee injury, only playing for 7 minutes when Inter against Lazio, Ronaldo should suffered another injured for the second time. At that time the injury caused him to miss the entire season of  2000-2001.

Ronaldo returned to action in the 2002 World Cup after undergoing two operations and rehabilitation process, and Brazil made it out as champion, and made Ronaldo FIFA's best player for the third time.

After the moment of World Cup 2002, Ronaldo joined Real Madrid with many other football stars, such as Zidane, Beckham, Figo, Gonzales and others.

Ronaldo had started to lose his magic on the football field in the last two seasons at the Santiago Bernabeu due to injury and obesity.

At the end of his career, Ronaldo had a fight in the 2006 World Cup that was held in Germany. At that time Ronaldo recorded as a top score with the acquisition of 15 goals before the record was defeated by Miroslav Klose with 16 goals.

Before retiring Ronaldo had joined AC Milan, but his injury made him ??unable to compete at the top level. Ronaldo was known for his quick game, capable of shooting with both feet, agile and balanced, and mastered many techniques.

Some time ago Real Madrid held a charity fight against AS Roma. But his appearance changed a lot, his body no longer athletic he used to now he could be considered fat. Even his partner Michael Owen when in Real Madrid touched on the body fat over Ronaldo, tweet on twitter. Owen and Ronaldo meet at Santiago Bernebeu as a form of support to CR7 who won the Ballon d'Or award for the fourth time.

Through his tweet on Twitter, Owen said "I thought I was fat, until I finally met my old friend Ronnie" said the tweet of Liverpool player is attracting the attention of netizens, even many who consider the blessing was not worth issued by Owen.

Ronaldo is currently the owner of A1 Team Brazil along with motorsport legend Emerson Fittipaldi. In addition Ronaldo also has a sports marketing company, 9INE.

Ronaldo is rumored to buy one of Segunda's second division clubs or second caste Spanish league. A number of observers have guessed which club Ronaldo will buy, but most likely fell to Real Valladolid. Ronaldo even plans to become the owner of the club. Ronaldo reportedly has poured money of 30 million Euros or about 488 billion. Quoted from in early June 2018.

On the other side of Real Valladolid President Carlos Suarez has denied that talks about his club's purchase have been at an advanced stage. But he said he still open the bid from all parties who want to buy Real Valladolid.


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