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These are the food businesses owned by celebrity that went bankrupt


IllustrationIllustration - These days, many celebrities also enter the business world, mostly culinary business. They offer many products like snack, drinks and other kinds of products to attract attention from customers.

In 2017, many celebrities started having cake business. They competed in getting as many people as possible to try their product. With many celebrities selling food items, civilians also become interested in trying the products made by their favorite stars. Other than cakes, they are also selling modern foods or traditional foods.

One of the restaurants owned by celebrities, that becomes a favorite is Geprek Bensu, owned by Ruben Onsu. The restaurant has opened many branches in different parts of Indonesia.

Many people believe that the shops or restaurants become popular among people because of the celebrities’ popularity. They believe that the customers only come because they are fans of them. However, it is not always true. Not all businesses owned by celebrities can become successful. Some of them are said to have little customers and some even went bankrupt.

1.       All Good Coffee owned by Rio Dewanto

After becoming popular from his film Filosofi Kopi, Rio Dewanto decided to open coffee shop called All Good Coffee & Kitchen. He opened it in two areas, Melawai and Kemanggisan. However, because there was so little visitors, the two shops were closed. However, Rio opened another coffee shop in early 2018 with hype concept.

2.       Midtown Bistro and Lounge owned by Mike Lewis

Tamara Belszynski’s former husband, Mike Lewis, had tried to do culinary business once. He and his colleagues opened Midtown Bistro and Lounge in SCBD area, Jakarta. The luxurious restaurant was said to move to another spot and later was informed to be closed down permanently.

3.       Commune Bistro and Grill owned by Marcel and Mischa Chandrawinata

The younger brothers of Nadine Chandrawinata, Marcel and Mischa, opened a restaurant called Commune Bistro and Grill at SCBD. However, just like Mike’s restaurant, this restaurant had little customers. In Zomato site, the restaurant was stated to be closed down permanently, although interior-wise, it was quite luxurious and Instagram-able.

4.       Sushi Miya81 owned by several celebrities

Sushi restaurant Sushi Miya81 was established by several celebrities in 2011. However, being supported by several big names such as Christian Sugiono, Dude Herlino, Adi Nugroho and Teuku Wisnu did not guarantee the restaurant a good popularity. It even got low opinions at Zomato site. It got 2,5/5 due to many complains. Although it was located in a strategic area, Pondok Aren, Rawamangun, not many people came there. The restaurant then went bankrupt.


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