Friday, 22 Feb 2019

The price of chicken meat in Pekanbaru is soaring


IllustrationIllustration - Tuesday, July 10th, 2018, the prices of basic foods in Pekanbaru City increasing again. Especially for the price of chicken meat which now touch IDR 30 thousand per kg.

Whereas the price of chicken meat usually ranges from IDR 20 thousand to IDR 22 thousand per kg. This increase, also affected the kampung chicken price from IDR 50 thousand to IDR 56 thousand per kg.

Head of Industry and Trade Office (DPP) Pekanbaru, Ingot Ahmad Hutasuhut said the high price of chicken due to limited stock. "The supply is limited, while consumer demand is not reduced" he said.

Although there is an expensive commodity, Ingot conveyed that other basic foods prices tend to be stable. Like Bukittinggi chili IDR 33 thousand per kg, onion IDR 25 thousand per kg, garlic IDR 22 thousand per kg, and chili pepper IDR 36 thousand per kg. Then chicken eggs IDR 1.600 per grain and beef IDR 120 thousand per kg.

Nevertheless Ingot conveyed to consumers do not panic. "Do not panic, we will keep monitoring, so there will be no profitable speculators" he said.


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