Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

Video of a police officer beating up a mother and her child because of trivial things becomes viral


A police officer beating up a mother and her child due unimportant thingA police officer beating up a mother and her child due unimportant thing - A video circulated in a number of WhatsApp (WA) groups in Bangka Belitung Province on Thursday afternoon, July 12th, 2018. In this 30-second video, a man was wearing an orange T-shirt with POLICE writing, kicking and beating a boy while holding collar the boy's shirt with his left hand.

Allegedly the man who was mentioned as a mid-level officer of the Bangka Belitung Islands Police, not only beat the child, but a mother and a young woman were seen kneeling occasionally pleading for his forgiveness, seen being beaten by the person who was supposed to be the protector of the community.

The man even kicked a mother and hit it with sandal to her head many times.

As reported by from BangkaPos, responding to this, Police Chief Brigadier General, Syaiful Zachri confirmed as saying the leader himself will take action against that officer. "It's already being handled by Propam" said Brigadier General Syaiful Zachri.

Similar support was also made by Head of Public Relations of Bangka Belitung Islands Police, AKBP Abdul Mun'im. He said he supports if the victims of the beatings reported officially to the police station. "Just report him, I personally do not accept when someone being treated like this, especially to a mothers and her children" said AKBP Abdul Mun'im.


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