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Government will award Lalu Muhammad Zohri a house renovation due to his achievement in international athlete event


condition of the house of Lalu Muhammad Zohricondition of the house of Lalu Muhammad Zohri - North Lombok Regency Government is preparing a special prize for Lalu Muhammad Zohri on his return from Finland. An unit of house will be a reward for Zohri's proud achievement.

North Lombok Regent Najmul Ahyar, on Thursday, July 12th 2018, said, "North Lombok regency policy to Zohri who got gold medal in the world championship will be awarded a representative house in North Lombok."

North Lombok regency government also plans to do a special welcoming which involving the community, students, and community organizations.

"The certainty of Zohri's arrival in North Lombok is still tentative, but in principle we are happy and touched by his achievements for North Lombok people who can scent Indonesia on the world stage" said Najmul.

This is only done by the government after the attention began to focus on this young runner. Zohri succeeded in becoming the champion in the U-20 Athletic World Championship in Tampere, Finland.

Renovation is not only done by government, but also will be assisted by TNI. This was disclosed by Danrem 162 / WB, Colonel Czi Ahmad Rizal Ramdhani said they will help renovate Zohri's house to be habitable.

"We offer Zohri's house rehab as much as possible to be worth of living in it because if we look at his house, then we apologize that his house is not worth living" Rizal said on Thursday, July 12th 2018 night.

"Rehab starting on today, Friday, July 13th 2018, the house will be dismantled by our members" he continued.

Rizal also opens space to other parties who want to jointly provide assistance as a tribute to Zohri. "We give Zohri priority to be an Army soldier, it is an honor for us if Zohri is pleased to be an army soldier, but the person choose to be an athlete" Rizal said.

The condition of Zohri's house located in Karang Pangsor Hamlet, Village of West Winner, District of Winner, North Lombok Regency, NTB, now, is very worrying. Photos of the house of Lalu Zohri on Thursday, July 12th 2018, exposed in social media shortly after he won the gold medal.


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