Friday, 22 Feb 2019

These are some of the foods that Queen Elizabeth II will not eat in her life


Queen Elizabeth IIQueen Elizabeth II - As the person with the highest position in her country Queen Elizabeth II of England can eat any kinds of food she wants. However, there are some foods that she will never eat for various reasons.

1.       Pasta

Royal chef Darren MacGrady said that there will be no flour for the Queen’s lunch menu. In other words, the Queen will not eat any pasta. She prefers to eat salad, grilled fish or chicken.

2.       Rare meat

Many people think that rare meat is a perfect ingredient for a steak. However, it is not so for the Queen.

3.       White egg

According to The Guardian, the Queen prefers to eat brown eggs instead of white eggs.

4.       Onions and garlic

McGrady said that the Queen never eat anything too much if it contains garlic and onions. This is to avoid bad breath.

5.       Bread crumbs

The Queen does not eat bread crumbs. For sandwiches, she prefers the edge of the bread to be cut. She loves tuna sandwiches with mayonnaise, cucumber and a bit of pepper.

6.       Banana as a whole

The Queen does not eat banana as a whole. She uses knife to cut the banana into pieces before eating it with fork.

7.       Sweet tea

Like most English women, the Queen drinks tea with milk. But she does not use sugar.

8.       Potato

The Queen rejects potato for the same reason she rejects pasta, because of its flour content.


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