Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

Lyrebird, the AI technology that can make the most realistic human voice


LyrebirdLyrebird - A journalist named Ashlee Vance interviewed the inventor of Lyrebird, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company in Montreal, Canada. According to Lyrebird's official website, this company is ambitious to make the most realistic artificial sound in the world.

This company's software can record Vance's voice and mimic his voice in just a few minutes. The AI ??version of Vence's voice was so realistic that his own mother did not realize that she was talking to the computer, not her son, when Vence called her.

The technology from Lyrebird has been used to help people in need including Pat Quinn, the inventor of the Ice Bucket Challenge who got viral some time ago. Quinn is a sufferer of ALS disease or motor neurological disease that will eventually make her mute.

Quoted from Cnet Friday, July 13th 2018, Lyrebird used a video clip of Quinn's speeches to create an AI version of his voice, so he would not have to use the text-to-speech robotic voice he normally used to communicate.

However, cloning sounds is very potential to be misused. For example, Vence managed to imitate the voice of President of the United States, Donald Trump, with the technology. If not used wisely, would be very easy to make a fraud.

"We want the technology we create to be used for positive things" says Jose Sotelo, one of the Lyrebird inventors. "This technology is not something we should be afraid of, but something we have to deal with carefully."


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