Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019

Toyota sold their new SUV in Indonesia


Toyota sold their new SUV in IndonesiaToyota sold their new SUV in Indonesia - The growing popularity of Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) was apparently a concern several car manufacturers including Toyota. One of them by continuing to do some refresher for its flagship products.

The one that became the focus of attention is the Toyota mid-size crossover SUV, Harrier. This car has also been sold officially in Japan and will be exported to other countries including Indonesia.

Despite minor changes compared to previous editions, but there are a few changes that make the display of the latest Harrier is more dashing and sporty. More aggressive grille design with created wider at the bottom.

As for the rear lights, the red lights are made of circular and drawn with the Toyota emblem. Other changes in the design of turbine-style rims that are made are increasingly making it looks cooler.

For its engine, this car also had a new turbo engine with an engine capacity of 2,000 cc capable of spewing power up to 231 horsepower and torque of 350 newton metres.

This power is channeled through a six-automatic transmission acceleration with the manual mode. Then its fuel consumption 13 km/litre for the engine with the type Activator 2WD and 12.8 km/litre for 4 WD.

And then to machine 3ZR-FAE 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine with a CVT automatic transmission, able to spout power of maximum torque with PS 151 generated amounted to 193 Nm (15.2 km/l 2WD, 4WD 16.0 km/l).

For the hybrid version using the 2.5 liter capacity engine combined with a pair of electric motors for the front wheels and the rear wheels capable of generating power of 196 PS with torque generated amounted to 206 Nm with four-wheel drive (4WD). For its fuel consumption is 21.4 km/liter.



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