Ten traditions of Eid Al-Fitr that still awake sustainability


Ten traditions of Eid Al-Fitr that still awake sustainabilityTen traditions of Eid Al-Fitr that still awake sustainability - There are some activities that have become the tradition of Eid Al-Fitr for the people of Indonesia. Lebaran (Eid Al-Fitr) tradition has been going on for generations as a nation's cultural heritage that has not been eroded by the modernization of the era.

Here are some activities that have become the Lebaran (Eid Al-Fitr) tradition for the people of Indonesia:

1. Going home to hometown

The number of immigrants, both from outside the city and outside the island living away from home, make the tradition of going home to hometown is never missed in every Eid Al-Fitr from year to year.

Moreover, in Eid Al-Fitr holidays are generally longer than other days off, so people have plenty of time to go home or visit their relatives who are far away especially parents.

2. Halal Bi Halal

Halal bi halal is a term to visit each other's friends, neighbors, and relatives.


3. The echo of takbir

Eid Al-Fitr night is always marked with the echo of takbir to celebrate the day of victory after a full month of fasting. And as a tradition we often do takbir around using the vehicle or walking.

4. Ketupat

After Eid Al-Fitr prayer, family of Indonesia usually breakfast with ketupat and presented with interesting. Ketupat Eid Al-Fitr is eaten with chicken opor, rendang meat, shrimp and prawn crackers.

5. To send some food to each other

To send food to neighbors and relatives who are some distance away is also a tradition from generation to generation.

In addition to maintaining the ropes of brotherhood among the citizens, this tradition is also a means to giving each other to families who are less able and share their happiness in the day of Eid Al-Fitr.

6. The holiday allowance (THR)

THR or pocket money has become a tradition to be distributed to small children. It is the most eagerly awaited. In addition, the companies will also give THR for their employees, based the government's decree.

7. To celebrate of Eid Al-Fitr with new clothes

This tradition is actually a symbol that Eid Al-Fitr is a day fitri and we are born like new again. But if your budget is limited, do not impose this tradition.

8. Pilgrimage of the tomb

After Eid al-Fitr prayers, the citizens are usually will flock to pilgrimage to the ancestral tombs and parents to pray for their spirits.

9. Recreation

Spend more time Eid al-Fitr holiday to visit your brother's house and travel to the sights. This tradition makes tourist attractions full of people who want to spend the Eid with their family.

10. Firecrackers

The tradition to used of fireworks and firecrackers is hard to eradicate because it is already rooted. Every Eid al-Fitr, many people sell fireworks and firecrackers. 



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