Talaud Islands, a island that featuring beautiful attractions


Talaud Islands, a island that featuring beautiful attractionsTalaud Islands, a island that featuring beautiful attractions -  Talaud Islands is a regency located in the North Sulawesi province that borders with the Philippines. Due to its geographical location, the Tourism Ministry has appointed Talaud Islands as a cross-border tourist destination.

The regency, also known as Bumi Porodisa, has plenty of interesting tourist attractions, such as Sara Island, an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean.

The regency administration decided to keep the island as is to create a different atmosphere from any tourist attractions. However, several cottages have been built and visitors have access to clean water.

On the east coast, there’s Karakelang Island with its 12-kilometer-long beach. Lobbo Beach in North Beo district is a black-sand beach and is known for its stunning sunset view. Karakelang Island, meanwhile, offers Weta cave, a 400-meter cave that filled with stalactites and stalagmites.

Ampadoap has two 5-meter waterfalls facing each other that lead to one pool and run through tributaries.

Meanwhile, Bannada is a traditional village that still preserves traditions and relics left by the Talaud or Porodisa empire. 



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