Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Singapore is testing luminous roads, thanks to which it will be better seen at night


Singapore is testing luminous roadsSingapore is testing luminous roads - In Singapore, the road is tested, which is highlighted in the dark. Due to this effect, it is much easier to navigate in the evening. It was built on the site where the old railway had previously passed. The state authorities decided to implement a magnificent plan to modernize the old railway - they want to turn it into a track that is highlighted at night.

The coating is illuminated due to the fact that it incorporates an inorganic compound such as strontium aluminate - this material absorbs ultra-violet rays in the course of a day's light, after which it shines with lights at night, giving this light. During testing, the creators of the cover try to see how safe it is for pedestrians and how long such a flooring can last.

To determine how effective this project is, only 100 meters of such coverage were created for the purpose of the experiment. But if the experiment succeeds, then the luminous track can extend to the entire 24 km of the old railway track.
People are not against such experiments, considering them rather promising.

The railway route, which begins in the north of the island and ends in the center of the city, was previously a railway that connected the city with neighboring Malaysia. The railway was closed in 2011 after an agreement on the exchange of land between the two countries and plans for its construction: it provides for a complete ennobling of the zone, which will include the construction of public residential buildings and parks.


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