Saturday, 25 May 2019

The owner of the dogs was shocked when she found sausages in her yard, stuffed with razor blades.


 sausages in her yard, stuffed with razor blades sausages in her yard, stuffed with razor blades - Emma Medeiros walked with her dogs when she discovered something unusual in the backyard of her house - these were three mouth-watering sausages that just lay on the ground and waited for her dogs. When she came closer and saw the "surprise", she could not believe her eyes - fragments of razor blades could be seen in sausages.

"I don’t remember that even once in my life I was so shocked," - Medeiros said. "Of course, it's real to meet in the cinema, in big cities, but I never thought that it could happen in Redgina",- Caleb Smith, the friend of the woman, commented on the event. "After all, a child could play here, who, unsuspecting, could put it all in its mouth",- said Medeiros. After the incident, the couple immediately appealed to the police, writing a statement. Also, a couple downloaded a video of sausages, signing it as follows: "If someone lives near me, PLEASE CHECK YOUR YARD !!!!".

The ill-doer who did this is not caught and still has to be found, but under the local animal protection law, a person found guilty of ill-treatment of animals may face a fine of up to $ 25,000 or imprisonment for up to two years.


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