Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

64 years old granpa broke the world record for swimming 3,5 km with tied arms


Yane PetkovYane Petkov - The impression of the elderly having a physical condition seems ordinary. With a healthy lifestyle most of us can actually be far from disease and even strong when we are old as an example, Yane Petkov (64).

Petkov from Bulgaria is a swimming instructor and lifeguard. On July 24th he managed to swim 3.5 kilometers across the Ohrid lake with the condition of his tied up hands in a bag.

This was done by Petkov because he wanted to hold the world record. He had done the same thing in 2013 but his record lasted only three months because he was defeated by Indian fisherman, Gopal Kharvi.

While trying to swim there was a team from the Red Cross accompanying Petkov. It took him three hours to cross the lake. The younger ones may not be able to beat his achievements.


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