Friday, 24 Jan 2020

Pregnant, PPA Unit Unloads Underage Child Prostitution in Inhu


(Police secure 6 suspects suspected of committing child protection / azi)(Police secure 6 suspects suspected of committing child protection / azi) -

INHU - Women's and Child Protection Unit (PPA) Indragiri Hulu District Police Criminal Investigation Unit secures 6 suspects suspected of committing child protection, on Wednesday 28 August 2019.

Kapolres Indragiri Hulu AKBP Dasmin Ginting SIK through Ps.Paur PR Inhu Aipda Misran said that the six safeguards were women with initials LN who acted as pimps, ADK, SKN, HDT, KLW and STS who played the role of Men in the nose of the masher Aipda Misran said that the 6 persons safeguarded were LN initials women who acted as pimps, ADK, SKN, HDT, KLW and STS who acted as masher men or sex connoisseurs. minors.

This prostitution of a minor was revealed when the parents just assumed the name "Melati", who was 17 years old, reported to the Lyrics Police that his child was impregnated.

"After investigating the case, the case was developed and transferred to the Inhu Police Unit PPA Unit," Misran explained.

The chronology of the incident began around 2017, Melati fought with her parents and ran away from home. After running away from home for about 1 month he stayed at the house of a person on behalf of LN in Sekar Mawar.

"During the 1 month with LN that Melati was taken to make money by serving guests in entertainment venues, in this place also sometimes in a wine stall on the Lala River there several times this time, LN offered to victims to serve men johns with a tariff of between Rp. 200,000 and Rp. 500,000 per guest who brings LN victims get Rp.50,000 to Rp100,000 per guest, "said Ps Paur Humas.

"Melati is currently 7 months pregnant and the PPA Unit on the same day also secures a man with the initials STY in Belilas because he is willing to have sex with his stepchildren. With this case, it must certainly be of concern to us both the local government, the leaders and of course the family for how things something similar will not happen again in the future, "closed Public Relations. ***


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