Saturday, 18 Jan 2020

In Inhu Karlahut Still Occur, Limited Equipment for Officers Having Difficulties in Extinguishing


The Inhu police chief participated in the blackoutThe Inhu police chief participated in the blackout - Cases of land and forest fires (karlahut) still occur in a number of areas in Riau, including in the Regency of Indragiri Hulu (Inhu). The team is still struggling to put out fires in several fields.

In fact, Inhu Police Chief, AKBP Dasmin Ginting and his staff still struggled to extinguish the fire. At least, hundreds of personnel continue to be deployed to extinguish the fire.

Hundreds of personnel were deployed to the location of the fires, which occurred in Pulau Gelang Village and Sukajadi Village, Kuala Cenaku District, and PT Teso and Kerumutan Forest, West Rengat District.

Ps Paur Inhu Polres Inhu, Aipda Misran said, it continues to fight to extinguish the fire. "Inhu police personnel are 150 personnel deployed. Every day 50 personnel are alternately deployed to extinguish the remnants of the existing fire," he said, Saturday, September 7, 2019.

According to Misran, his side is currently still having trouble with existing equipment such as mini straker machines and hoses as well as limited water around the fire location. Not only that, Misran admitted that he had difficulty with the terrain that was so difficult for vehicles to walk on.

"At this time what we really need is a machine tool and a hose to extinguish enough fire. In addition, the terrain is very difficult to pass and limited water in the fire location," he concluded.


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