Saturday, 18 Jan 2020

10 Children Got Sick And Vomiting During Lunch Time at School, This Contents Is Found in the Food



Public schools in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India suddenly became grim, after 10 children were hospitalized on Tuesday. Reportedly the children were previously given 'dal' food during lunch hour. How unhealthy and disgusting, it turns out the Dal contained dead rat meat.

The food, intended for students between Grades 6 and 8, is prepared by an NGO called the Jan Kalyan Sanstha Committee, based in Hapur.

A teacher who consumes these foods is also hospitalized.

All students and teachers are then discharged from the hospital.

After being investigated, the dead mouse was found at the bottom of the ship where 'urad dal' was cooked.

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Based on the description of one of the students, the students who had food and vomited.

Ram Sagar Tripathi, a local education official, called the incident an example of "carelessness".

The official said that more inquiries would be carried out on relevant NGOs.



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