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21 Governors Will Gather in Riau Next Week, Discuss Palm Oil Production Sharing Funds from the Center


IlustrationIlustration - Around 21 governors will gather in Riau Province next week. They will discuss the revenue sharing fund for palm oil obtained by the central government.

Riau Governor Syamsuar in a coordination meeting with the regional leadership communication forum (Forkopimda), Wednesday (11/12/2019), said there were 21 palm-producing provinces at present. The largest oil palm plantations in all of Indonesia are found in Riau.

"We have discussed with fellow governors whose regions produce palm oil. We will hold a meeting on December 16 in Riau," he said.

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This meeting discussed proposals to the central government through the Riau Provincial DPRD and the Indonesian Parliament to fight for the palm oil revenue-sharing (DBH) fund. The governors have agreed to discuss this issue.

"We held this meeting because the acquisition of oil palm was not received by the local government. Meanwhile, the environmental impact and the impact of road damage in each area were very high," Syamsuar said.

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The regional government (pemda) also does not get anything from the palm plantation tax. The local government only enjoys aside from the Urban Land and Building Tax (PBB), the Rural United Nations and the Plantation UN which are not of much value.

"This is the form of our struggle that must be supported by districts and cities," Syamsuar said.



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