Friday, 24 Jan 2020

Unexpectedly, Actually This is the Only Secret of Nia Daniaty Who has Headed 5 and has 3 Grandchildren


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - Singer Nia Daniaty in her five-headed age indeed makes women jealous. Imagine, even though she is no longer young, the singer of Glass Glasses still looks beautiful and youthful.

Nia claimed, she did not do special care for her appearance. She only does routine care for her face.

Even though in the midst of her busy singing schedule, Nia claimed that she was lacking in sports. So that her face still looks youthful, it turns out the secret of the singer who has three grandchildren is just often drinking water.

"Exercise is lacking, but drinking water," she said.

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Not only beauty, Nia tells how she maintains her health. For her adequate rest is also very necessary for facial beauty and body health

"Maintaining health should be from the heart and mind must also be enough time to rest," she said

Nia also added to maintain her weight, she avoided eating rice. But she is not too restrictive about food.




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