Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Again, Five Indonesian Citizens Kidnapped in Malaysian Waters Brought to the Philippines


Ship IlustrationShip Ilustration - Happened Again. Abduction of Indonesian citizens working in the Malaysian State of Sabah in Tambisan waters, Sabah, Malaysia, on Thursday night.

Of the eight crew members, all Indonesian citizens, five were kidnapped and three others were freed along with their ship.

Information obtained through a written broadcast by the Tambisan police said that the location of the abduction was not far from the case of Muhammad Farhan (27) Cs on September 23, 2019, which was held hostage by the Abu Sayyaf Group of the Philippines.

Last year, an incident occurred in Tambisan Tungku Lahad Datu waters.

This time the incident took place on Thursday (16/1) at 20.00 local time, when the eight Indonesian citizens were fishing using a wooden boat with a registered permit Number SSK 00543 / F.

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Maritime police officer Lahad Datu received the abduction report on Friday (1/17) at 13.17 local time.

After getting the report, Malaysian police moved to search. They found a ship moving from the Philippines into Malaysian waters.

The presence of the ship used by the Indonesian citizen was monitored by the Tambisan ATM Pos radar on Friday, 21:10 local time.

Maritime police officer Lahad Datu detained the ship while conducting a search and found three crews, all Indonesian citizens.

The three Indonesian citizens found along with his ship were Abdul Latif (37), Daeng Akbal (20) and Pian bin Janiru (36).

While five of his colleagues namely Arsyad bin Dahlan (42), Arizal Kastamiran (29), La Baa (32), Riswanto bin Hayono (27) and Edi bin Lawalopo (53) were confirmed to be held hostage.
From a written broadcast the maritime police officer Lahad Datu said the results of the interrogation of the three Indonesian citizens who were released told that when they were catching fish they were visited by six masked people using speed boats.

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After that, immediately taken with his ship to the Philippine waters.

However, only five of his colleagues were held hostage while three were left home to bring the ship back to Tambisan.

Lahad Datu police officers promised to conduct an investigation after receiving a report from the victim.





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