Thursday, 27 Feb 2020

Wow! Ten Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Stress


Ten Easy Ways To Get Rid Of StressTen Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Stress - When your stress strikes and you don't have much free time, there are other ways to help you stay calm. Believe it or not, thumb sucking can be an effective way to deal with your stress and you even drinking orange juice can reduce your stress levels. finds the easiest way to deal with your stress.

1. Use your finger as the "reset" button.
Putting your thumb in your mouth can help you relieve stress. By blocking your airways with your thumb, then exhaling, you will activate your vagus nerve. This in turn lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, making you feel more relaxed.

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If it's too embarrassing to do this in public, you can always try to put pressure on the point between your second and third knuckles. This can serve as a kind of reset button, to make you feel less stressed.

2. Chew gum.
Chewing gum can reduce stress at work and outside work, according to a study. The results of further studies show that it can also reduce fatigue, anxiety, and depression and can cause a more positive mood.

3. Stare at a pattern that never ends.
Known as fractals, endless patterns can be found in the world around you. They can be seen in geometric shapes such as shells, frozen patterns in your window, cobwebs, and flower petals. Many studies have shown that looking at them can reduce stress levels by up to 60%.

4. Nurturing plants.
Not only can plants be decorative items on your desk, plants can also function as a stress reliever. The presence of plants in office space directly lowers blood pressure, and even increases productivity, according to a study.

5. Laugh.
Endorphins are chemicals that help you relieve stress and when you laugh, you release these chemicals. Even if you pretend to laugh, it will create an effect inside that triggers the release of endorphins. When you crack, an increase in oxygen passes through your organs and increases your blood flow. Just thinking about laughter can reduce your stress level.

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6. Crying.
We live in a culture where crying adults may be considered weak. But actually, a good emotional cry is what you need to reduce your stress. Stress "tightens muscles and increases tension, so when you cry, you release some of it," says Stephen Sideroff, a clinical psychologist.

7. Do yoga.
When you need quick relief from stress, you don't need to do a full yoga class. You don't even need a mat, just put everything down for a moment and pose. You will feel a little calmer and ready to continue your task.

8. Do meditation.
Mantra is a form of meditation, which has been associated with a reduction in chronic stress, as well as a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure. It doesn't take long, and it doesn't need any tools. All you have to do is close your eyes and repeat soothing words until you feel better.

9. Drink orange juice.
Oranges are known to be rich in vitamin C and this can help people manage their stress more effectively. Vitamin C does this, in part, by reducing levels of stress hormones such as cortisol. So if drinking orange juice has become part of your morning routine, you will have a good start.

10. Wash the dishes.
When you focus on the aroma of soap, the warmth of the water, the taste of cooking, a study shows that it can reduce your nervousness by 27%. So, if you feel stressed, it's time to throw away the dishwasher and do the dishes yourself.



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